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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The easy like Sunday morning cupcake

Recently, I teach several private English lessons at my house. I serve coffee or tea and always some kind of sweet. I enjoy baking, so I usually make something new every week.  
But sometimes, I just run out of time.  This is when I use:

The easy like Sunday morning cupcake!

I generally keep a batch of vanilla cupcakes in the freezer and sometimes icing as well---very handy!


vanilla cupcakes
strawberry jam
buttercream icing (or store-bought frosting)
colorful decorations

How to:

Split vanilla cupcake in half, bottom half slightly larger than the top. Generously spread a nice amount of strawberry jam (I recommend preserves with big chunks of fruit inside) on the bottom half and top with the upper half. If you are feeling creative, pipe miniature flowers with the buttercream icing using a pastry bag and star tip; alternatively spread icing on with a knife, swirling at the top. 
Top with colorful decor, nonpareils, or chopped nuts.

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